Brent McGuire with his cane, going off to summer camp

Brent is turning 16 this summer and is off on a six week adventure. He is taking part in a program sponsored by the Nebraska Commission for the Blind in which he will spend his time working and learning life skills.  Although Brent won’t start driving in his 16th year, he is every bit a typical teenager. He enjoys video games, phones, texting, friends and girls. In the future, he hopes to attend the camp at the Helen Keller National Center and aspires to be a video game designer or a History Teacher.

Brent lives with his parents and three younger sisters in Omaha, Nebraska. He was born 17 weeks early, which resulted in ROP Stage 4 which caused his visual impairment.  He was about seven years old when the school noticed he wasn’t hearing as well.  The hearing loss was most likely caused by the medicine he received as a preemie. Brent also has congenital bilateral dislocated hips and cerebral palsy in his legs.  

Brent and his family became members of NFADB about four years ago and his mom, Julie, is currently serving as the Treasurer on the Board of the organization.


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