Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and with very diverse passions, interests, and skills. Click on the photos below to read stories about family leaders from across the country. (These stories were originally collected in 2014–2015 by the National Center on Deaf-Blindness for their Families Lead website.)

Leadership for Their Family

These family leaders have used their skills to make a difference for their own child or family. This may involve advocacy within the community, the local school district, the healthcare system, or other organizations.

Patti McGowan (Pennsylvania)

Jessie Mines (Indiana)


Leadership to Support Other Families

These family leaders have used their skills to support other families who are experiencing challenges or events that are similar to what their family has gone through.

Julie McGuire (Nebraska)

Clara Berg (New York)


Leadership Within Systems

These family leaders have used their skills to help organizations, service systems, or policy makers better meet the needs of individuals who are deaf-blind and their families.

Maria McCarrick (Illinois)

Gay Corey (Michigan)

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